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Founded in 1999, WRSG focuses on helping companies enhance business processes and increase global presence through the integration of new technologies including Cloud-Based Internet, Mobile, Database, Network and Security Management Systems. 

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Western Reserve Systems Group (WRSG) was founded by its Principal, Keith P. Curley, as a part-time technology consulting effort in 1999. In 2002, consulting opportunities grew to the point of establishing a full-time presence in business management and technology consulting to help companies enhance business processes and increase global presence with the integration of new technologies including Internet, Database, Mobile / Handheld, Network and Security Management Systems. WRSG provides professional management technology consulting and business systems development and integration services with over 10 years of experience helping organizations leverage computing technology investments to create business-enabling tools. New methods of system integration with scale-able application and database technologies enable our clients to implement effective solutions that can develop and expand in purpose as their needs grow. As our client list has grown, so has our expertise in business management consulting, technical project management, and systems development, implementation and integration.

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OpenSurvey is currently available for use in Medical, Research & Market Survey data collection.  WRSG implemented an updated management interface in October 2012.  It is now even easier to build and re-use surveys and forms as well as implementing new cloud-based and mobile data collection and collaboration interfaces.  Please visit OpenSurvey.NET for more information...

WRSG along with one of it's marketing partners continue to expand a new breed of online marketing systems in the form of ShoutOutReferrals.NET.  This application service is a referral marketing application that can be used for promoting new business through the strongest sales team available - satisfied more about ShoutOutReferrals in our Integrated Marketing Solutions Section...

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OpenSurvey.NET - Relaunch!
- Thursday, November 01, 2012
WRSG has relaunched a full rewrite of our OpenSurvey Cloud-based and Mobile Data Collection and Collaboration interface.  OpenSurvey can now be used to establish both interactive online and off-line mobile data collection interfaces running in any connect web browser or disconnected iPhone, iPad or Android device.  Check it out and sign-up to use it for any project from healthcare or market research to contact and custom data collection interfaces.  For more details and to start using OpenSurvey.NET goto
WRSG - TechBuzz, The WRSG Quarterly Journal of Business & Technology Integration - Issue 01
- Wednesday, June 30, 2010
The Western Reserve Systems Group eNewsletter—TechBuzz—is intended to help provide both current and prospective clients with ongoing information about WRSG’s initiatives, business technology development opportunities, and information to stay up-to-date with new projects and service offerings related to business & technology integration efforts.
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